Heroic Land theme park in Calais (France) – Assistance to the contracting authority

Objet : Preparation and management of the theme park clearance procedures and its related program
Maître d'ouvrage : Public private study fund
Partenaire : IDID, Atelier Acturba
Date : in progress

In parallel to the realization of the theme park detailed studies (40 hectares, 32 attractions), Kalutere Polis prepares the dedicated equipments program, manages the related studies and leads the discussions with the partners. Main subjects are the realization of new access on the highway system (interchange on the A26), the alteration of the town planning rules as well as the environmental and approval procedures. Since the beginning of 2015, the project statement has been filed with the City of Calais and the Heroic Land project has been publicly released.

Visit http://heroicland.com/fr