Francois Noisette

François Noisette has thirty years’ experience in urban development and urban management in France and developing countries. He led several missions on the field, completed by responsibilities at national and international level. He demonstrates a range of skills in conception and implementation of territorial development strategies at all scales (from local to national). He adds also numerous references in conceiving, financing and managing projects.
Leader of multidisciplinary teams, François has the sense to mobilize stakeholders to the benefit of projects, shared and quickly started.

francois.noisette@kalutere-polis.fr CV


The complexity of cities needs a dialogue among competencies, a well-coordinated dialogue in order to meet the requests of the client. Therefore, Kalutere Polis works in strong relationship with partners, who provide complementary expertise.

Urban development project in developing world: Groupe Huit (www.groupehuit.com), Urbaconsulting (www.urbaconsulting.com)…
Project development and management: IDID, Henry Chabert Conseil…
Territorial strategies and town-planning: AREP (www.arep.fr), Atelier Acturba (www.atelier-acturba.fr)